A story about Olga

Last weekend we went to the shopping centre to buy a few things and have lunch with the kids. When we finished we returned to the car park and we were ready to go home. As we reached the car a nice elderly woman who looked in distressed requested our assistance as she had some trouble finding her way out of the car park.

A few weeks ago, the shopping centre implemented a new ticket machine system that recognise the car on the way into the centre. This lady was trying to find an actual ticket machine and was circling the centre for more than 20min.

As we saw that she was struggling to find her way out, I offered her to join her car and assist with the parking payment. She accepted my offer and was extremely grateful. On the way out we chatted and she told me that her name is Olga and this was the first time she has experienced such discomfort.

After she dropped me off, my husband that was driving behind us picked me up and we drove back home. On the way back, my kids asked me how come I went into a stranger’s car, as they know this is not acceptable and unsafe.

We explained to them that we saw that this lady was confused and needed someone’s assistance. There are times I find it difficult to explain to them why sometimes we need to deviate from the norm and do things differently. This was definitely one of them.

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