Always have a plan B – The Importance of Contingency Planning

In many times we put a lot of effort into creating a robust plan and we focus on ensuring that the plan will deliver well without any problems.

What happens when plan A is facing an obstacle and you have no choice but to move to plan B.

Recently I was joining a group of people who were travelling to a conference in Hawaii. At the gate, a minute before starting boarding we found out that there was a mistake with the group booking and the flight does not include any meals.

This can be a minor issue when travelling in a small group but when you are in charge of 31 people it is a different story.

The team in charge review their options and decided to proceed with Plan B, order two meals on the plane for the entire group and cover both Dinner and Breakfast for everyone. This could not happen without the quick response of the team to the situation and the assistance of the extremely kind flight manager, Kirk and his team.

Luckily, everyone was fed and were very happy and excited to start their Hawaiian Journey.

Unfortunately, in so many times we put all the focus on Plan A and forget to have a contingency plan, just in case of something won’t go according to the plan.

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