The importance of adaptability

Any changes to the normal routine requires some level of adjustment and the ability to adapt to the new situation and environment.

From conversations I have had with people from different organisations I have understood that they find it hard to adapt to new challenges and the implementation of new strategy, process or any change to their current situation.

As a leader, there is an expectation to be able to adapt to the new situation quickly and think on your feet.

Adaptability in the workplace is the ability to demonstrate flexibility and to adapt to the changes. Individuals that are adaptable tend to work well both independently or within a team.

As life shows us, there are always unexpected things that we cannot predict or plan for, so adaptability is always a good skill to have in your tool box.

Reflection & Resolution

In less than one week, 2017 will be gone and it is a great opportunity to reflect on the year that was. And what a great year it has been. In 2017, I had the opportunity to travel, grow, learn and enjoy every day doing what I do.

The road to self-fulfilment is a long one with ups and downs. This year I finally found the courage to start writing and started my own blog. This taught me to become resilient and to accept my own flaws and see them as development opportunities.

This year I lived and breathed the company values and reached higher by challenging myself and seeking ways to improve, I managed to kick goals and achieve great outcomes. This led to great recognition and further opportunities to develop my skills set which increased the tools I have in my tools box.

I had the opportunity to travel to new locations- overseas, interstate and in Victoria and spend quality time with my family and friends.

And with 2018 approaching, it is time to write down my New Year resolutions and ensure that I will revisit at the end of the year.

My resolutions are to be truthful to myself and stand up for the things that I believe are right, following my passion and dreams and continuously challenging myself to be the better version of me.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year.

2018 here I come!!

The Click Moment

Sometimes it all comes down to that moment that you can just hear the click and you know that you are on the right track. Recently I was privileged to be shared with a special moment, a click that occurred in one of my mentees lives.

We were discussing about future plans and what is the right approach in regards to retirement planning. At this particular session we reviewed the current situation and how to prioritise to ensure life-work balance is kept as part of setting goals for the nearest future.

She was generous to share with me her journey to this point and that in the last few weeks it seems like everything just falls into place. She describe this as a click moment, like a eureka moment.

This one defining moment when luck and skill collide is the essence of “The Click Moment” book by Frans Johansson. In his book he is talks about how to make that moment happen. According to Frans Johansson’s research, successful people and organisations show a common theme. A lucky moment occurs and they take advantage of it to change their fate.

By providing examples throughout history he illustrate the specific actions we can take to create more click moments and open ourselves up to endless opportunities and harness the complex forces of success that follow.

Leadership and change management

In the past ten years I have gradually developed within the construction industry. Previously, my role has been developing a sustained growth through all aspects of the business within the construction & manufacturing industries. Progressing to a senior position, had its challenges and allowed the learning of new things each day. During this time, we have implemented number of changes to the business in a way that improved the company ability to deliver, procure, manage clients and projects including the implementation of new management direction and recruit a new management team.

These changes has transformed the company from an SME operation to a successful, diversified mid-sized company that was recognised for its outstanding people.

Managing people throughout the implementation of a cultural change brought a new level of challenges. Often overlooked by many organisations and managers, a valued employee delivers value to the organisation and also increases customer retention. “Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers” -Stephen R. Covey.

One of the most challenging and difficult business solutions and strategies so far has been the implementation of a cultural change, from a SME into a sustainable, results driven, people focused and successful business. Change as part of a process driven delivery system that focuses on the customer and delivers a business profit and margin required to continue sustained growth over many years.
To implement the change we have had to recruit driven team members who shared the same vision and were able to mentor existing team members through the new vision and goals for the company. Along with selling this to the team members, the board were a key part of the vision, they were also needed to support the change, both culturally and from a business perspective.

To succeed with the change strategy we identified that we will require to restructure the business, and implement a new organisational chart. The new infrastructure has allowed team leaders to retain and develop their teams skills within all areas of the business. By providing a challenging and supportive work environment that continues to develop employees and support their desired carrier direction it led to a positive cultural change. During this period and as part of the long term strategy we have reviewed the employees training to further develop teams to become more professionals, so they will be able to offer a better customer service, develop each individual and provide a culture that sustains its people as well as challenge them to be better on a day to day basis.

“If you can hire people whose passion intersects with the job, they won’t require any supervision at all. They will manage themselves better than anyone could ever manage them. Their fire comes from within, not from without. Their motivation is internal, not external”. Stephen Covey. As a leader one of the key responsibilities is to develop and motivate the team. By sharing our experiences and focusing on individual strengths the management team learnt to focus on each other’s strengths which created not only a great bond but honesty and integrity that clients could see through the employees’ passion.

As a passionate individual, I believe in creating a positive and supportive business culture and that is the employee’s free will to choose their work place and encourage the team and potential team members to think of the company as an employer of choice.

By being an employer of choice, the company can attract positive people who are innovative, passionate and persistent, who will continuously encourage innovation through their people, maintain a positive attitude and challenge their team to think outside the square.

To summaries and reflect my perspective on change management I share a quote of the late Steve Jobs, Ex CEO of Apple. “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle”.

Proud to be persistence

So many times in life we tend to give up midway through when things go wrong or not the way we have planned.

Forming a plan is the first step towards achieving your goals. The plan should be simple and concise with clear direction and measurable goals to keep you accountable.

Last year we were challenged with a new budget that seems unlikely to be achieved. At the beginning, most of the team was sceptical about our chance of reaching the new goals. We then sat down and start forming our plan of attack.

We map who are the key stakeholders that we will need their support and have created a critical path with key milestones, responsibilities and potential risks. Once the planning stage was completed we started to develop our communication strategies to ensure that all teams are on board.

At the start, it was difficult to bring everyone together and get them to see the bigger picture and understand the potential for each department. We experienced some high and low and witnessed a slow progress with many obstacles thrown upon us which we not always knew how to overcome. The one thing that kept us going is the belief in the vision and the desire to create a meaningful change for the future.

By being persistent and not given up midway through we not only achieved our budgetary goals we were able to assist multiple teams to achieve theirs with a cross functional true collaboration.

A ripple overtime become a wave

Sometimes we underestimate the power we have as individuals. In large organisations the individual sometimes feels like another cog in a well oiled machine and tend to forget how the contribution of one person can create a ripple effect over time.

It all starts with an idea that can change the way we deliver today. As a team we started to discuss and develop the idea among ourselves and increased the cycle of people who share the same vision of creating a change.

It started with one drop, which created a ripple. It took months to engage internal and external stakeholders but we kept on going. We knew we have a good idea and we had a clear direction on how to get there but needed everyone’s support.

The road to success is a long journey and required determination, persistence and self-belief. As long as the direction was clear and we knew that we heading to the same way we knew we are going to get there, everyone on their own pace.

Overtime that little drop become a wave when more people joined to make it happen. From a single seed it grew to become a reality.