Faith and hope

We all familiar with those days when things don’t go as planned and you become frustrated and start questioning your ability to plan ahead.

These days bring me back to my childhood and I’m greatful for the skills my parents taught me. My dad loved to write and compose and during the last decade he wrote dozens of songs. One of the songs was about faith and to acknowledge that there are sunny and grey days.

In the song it says: “The most important thing is to have faith, this will keep you moving forward on the right path.

Sometimes it is hard to find the inner strength and in those grey moments to see the light. That’s why it is so important to have faith, because it doesn’t matter what type of day you have it will help you to stay focused and motivated and assist with keep on going towards and achieve your goals.

Reflection & Resolution

In less than one week, 2017 will be gone and it is a great opportunity to reflect on the year that was. And what a great year it has been. In 2017, I had the opportunity to travel, grow, learn and enjoy every day doing what I do.

The road to self-fulfilment is a long one with ups and downs. This year I finally found the courage to start writing and started my own blog. This taught me to become resilient and to accept my own flaws and see them as development opportunities.

This year I lived and breathed the company values and reached higher by challenging myself and seeking ways to improve, I managed to kick goals and achieve great outcomes. This led to great recognition and further opportunities to develop my skills set which increased the tools I have in my tools box.

I had the opportunity to travel to new locations- overseas, interstate and in Victoria and spend quality time with my family and friends.

And with 2018 approaching, it is time to write down my New Year resolutions and ensure that I will revisit at the end of the year.

My resolutions are to be truthful to myself and stand up for the things that I believe are right, following my passion and dreams and continuously challenging myself to be the better version of me.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year.

2018 here I come!!

The Chinese Bamboo – Learn to be patient

In one of the conversations with my husband I told him that now that I’m getting closer to my 40th birthday I truly feel that this is the time for me to shine. My husband shared with me the story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree and identified the resemble of the bamboo parable to my journey.

It was fascinating to learn how this amazing plant is growing and the story behind it. In the first 4 years of a Bamboo plant you will not be able to see anything on the surface. In the 4 years you will need to do the same thing every day: water the plant, fertilise and nurture it without any evidence of your hard work.

In this time , you are setting the foundations but you won’t receive any rewards, this is the time where the plant grow its roots and become stronger. In the fifth year, you finally see a small bamboo sprig, then the next day an even bigger one and within 5 weeks it will grow up to an amazing height of 27 meters.

At the age of forty I’m starting to realise that the last ten years have been the foundation of establishing my career path and the direction I would like to pursue. Life long goals are not about racing to the finish line. It’s about learning new skills and meet new people who I can learn from every day. At this point of my life I truly looking forward to continuously building my skills set and gain knowledge to be able to take on new challenges and reach my true potential.

Find your purpose

It is hard to choose our own path as life takes you to different directions. Sometimes we are lucky and able to dream big and pursue our dreams.

A few years ago I believed I was able to find mine. Someone believed in me and gave me the great gift of mentoring. At that time I was under enormous amount of pressure with no time to stop and reflect.
Through the mentoring program, I have discovered things about myself and have started to plan my action plan.

With BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals), I have decided that I want to become a Leader. One that can influence others and lead the way with integrity. Create a change for girls like my daughter and prove her that anything is achievable. At this point in time I found my purpose, to inspire others to be reaching their goals. To become a living proof that when you set your mind to something with hard work it can be done.

Today I’m extremely proud of my kids, when they repeat my mantra:
Dream, Believe, Work Hard and Achieve.

Be SMART about your Goals

So many people who I spoke with admits that they need a sense of direction in life to ensure they are on the right path. The problem is that they don’t know where to start.

My recommendations is, to simply start with the basics and write clear and measurable goals with a detailed timeline. To be able to create your future plan you can refer to the SMART Goals which are: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and timeline as your starting point.

Be Specific: what is it that you are desired to achieve? Ensure you have identified opportunities for development in order to progress to the next level. These goals can apply to any aspect of life, for example career goals, healthy lifestyle etc.

Measurable: with the goals you set to yourself, ensure that you can measure them and keep yourself accountable. Identify at least two areas that requires additional training and development and keep yourself focuse.

Achievable: the goals you set for yourself will be the drive to become the best version of you but you have to ensure that you setting yourself for succession and these can be achieved within a specific timeline.

Realistic: if the goals you set are unrealistic your chance of achieving them are relatively low. Be truthful to yourself and write down what you believe is achievable for you.

Time: like any plan, if you do not put a time frame to it, it won’t work. This will also going to assist with keeping you accountable.

Last but not least, to be able to achieve your goals you will need to surround yourself with people who push you to operate in integrity and work towards your personal best every single day.

Being honest does not make you weak

Recently I heard people talking about how being honest makes them feel vulnerable and weak. I always believed that being honest and showing your true colours indicates that you are human and creates empathy. People feel more comfortable to be around those that self reflect and are able to open up about their feelings.

Few weeks ago I listened to Sangu Delle’s Ted talk about mental illness and that he openly stated that there is no shame in taking care of your mental illness. He also talked about being honest on how you feel does not make you weak it makes you human.

Sometimes we let the fears cloud our ability to be who we are and expose how we feel. Just as a FYI, showing who you are is a strength not a weakness.

The Rocks in your life

We all have baggage we carry and sometimes this baggage hold us back. Few years ago I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship for a Leadership programme.

When I was advised on the appointment I had mixed emotions, I was happy and concerned. Never in my life I believed in a Cinderella story. In my family, we were raised on values ​​and work ethics and I could not believe that a random stranger would believe in me and offer me this kind opportunity.

At the beginning of the program, I had plenty of doubts, what if I’m not what they were looking for? Am I going to fit in? The programme was designed for Leadership Women from large corporations and I was the only one from a mid-size family business.

I soon found out that it wasn’t so bad and that I have plenty to offer. In one of the sessions, we have been requested to write on stones the biggest rocks that we carry with us and reflect on the things that holds us back.

For me, it was very clear which rocks I carry on my shoulders. The first was family, ensuring that I keep the right work life balance as sometimes it can get a bit bleary. The second was education, identifying that I have a big gap that I need to overcome. The third one was career development, knowing where I want to go and what I would like to achieve. My hubby told me that this jar of rocks is a truly reflection of how I always tried to fit it all in more than the jar had a capacity to contain but in a miraculous way it all works. Almost identical to my every day life.

What are the big rocks in your life and how are you coping with it, do you take the time to stop and reflect and identify these rocks and formulate ways to deal with it and manage it all.

The Unfulfilled Potential & the power of believing in yourself (even when you are the only one)

Since I was a little girl I have heard the dreadful words: “you have unfulfilled potential”.

Over the years I have tried to understand the meaning of it all and how this impacted my life. In school I was wondering and sailing into my imagination, because of that I wasn’t fitting into the pattern and was diagnosed by the school councillor as the girl with the unfulfilled potential. What they meant was that I won’t be able to reach anywhere in life if I will proceed with this type of behaviour.

In the following years this behavioural diagnosis stuck with me and I started to believe in it and doubted my own potential and ability to succeed. After years of believing in what I was told in school, I was finally (at the age 37) decided to go to university to confront with my fears and recently completed an MBA degree.

During the years of studies I have had a lot of doubts with myself and didn’t think that I will see the finish line. I had so many obstacles that I had to overcome. In one of the numerical subjects I was really struggling and requested the assistance of the Professor. He then lectured me about my lack of knowledge and told me that I don’t have what it takes to be an executive leader. He drowned a diagram, to demonstrate me my position which was off the scale and where I will never be able to reach. You see, it is not only when you are a kid. These things can happen anywhere, at school, at work and at the university. You will always have people that will try to pull you down. Never doubt your capabilities and always believe in yourself.

When I was graduated eventually and reflected on the journey, I learnt a lot from this experience, especially about myself. It was the first time I learnt that I have studies difficulties which explains the struggles I have had in school. (back then there was less awareness about these issues). The MBA was a prove for myself that I can make it if I set my mind to it.

I have also learnt about the power of believing in yourself even when you are the only one and become more resilience and knowledgeable. I still have a long way to go, but I take it every day as it comes and learning about myself and about the power of words.

Self-believe is an important key for success, no matter what other people say. Thinking about that little girl that instead of hearing negative comments should of receive positive reinforcement and be told You have a great potential and your going to fulfilled your potential , maybe than I would be believing in this instead of constantly questioning.

it’s ain’t over til it’s over

So many times in life we tend to give up midway through. Today I was inspired by a group of amazing and determined 10 years old girls. My daughter’s netball team, The Pearls had a tough game and they were fighting for their (competitive) lives.

The Pearls started the first quarter strong and were in the lead. By the second quarter the other team wanted badly to go through to finals and they have matched the score.

On the third quarter, our girls almost gave up as the other team took the lead. Then at the last quarter our girls knew they will need to bring their A game if they desire to go through to finals.

When they got back to the court they knew what’s on stake and they were determined to win the battle. It was a nerve-raking game till the buzzer went off. The Pearls won leading with 2 points.

Lesson learnt, don’t ever give up cause you can always reverse the final score!

A real Wonder Woman

When I was a little girl I grew up idolising Wonder Woman. Lynda Carter was a symbol of a strong women, which was extremely rare back in 1975.

Last week I took my daughter to watch the new 2017 version staring Gal Gadot. Firstly, I was so proud to see a strong female character who saves the world from unjustified human hatred.

When we arrived home, I read an article about every exhausted mums. This made me thinking about what it means to be a real wonder woman. A real wonder woman is one that wakes up every day and looks after her family, one that does the everyday tasks and makes it look effortless, one that goes every day to work and comes home and starts the day all over again. A wonder woman lives in each and every one of us.