Recently I was assigned to a large project and was advised that my role will be a supportive role to the project lead and I will be acting as the co-pilot.

Initially I was concerned about the role and how I can fit in with the project team. At that point I wasn’t sure about my role and how I can contribute to the delivery of the project.

Very quickly, I started to learn more about the project itself, the team and the challenges we were facing. It was evident that the project team was required to build a governance framework for delivering tasks and accountabilities.

Slowly things started to fall into place and I’ve gathered a better understanding of the value of the supportive role to the project group and that this was as important as any other leadership role in the project team.

This made me think about how sometimes we underestimate our contribution for the greater good. We all have a role to play and it is important to have a sense of appreciation for what each individual can deliver and the pivotal role everyone plays in achieving the share goals together as a team.

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