Embedded yourself in local culture

Recently I was privileged to be part of a large project that was landed in India and I have had the opportunity to visit in India a few times.Initially, I knew only a little bit about this country and from a perception about what I’m going to see based on what other people have told me. With some concerns and a lot of excitement I travelled to India for the first time. I was so pleasantly surprised to find out that most of the concerns I have had proved to be wrong.

The colours, the friendly people and the beautiful views made feel culturally connected. It almost felt that I have already been here before. In my last visit I had the opportunity to extend my visit and to explore what Bangalore city has to offer over the weekend. Initially I was recommended to visit the tourist places such as the beautiful palace and the temples which I did but I kept on asking to experience the city as a true Bangalorean.

Luckily for me it was Krishna birthday and I went to the Sri Radha Krishna temple. This was an amazing experience, one that I will be remembering for years. This project, people and journey through the cultural challenges taught me the importance of understanding of the small nuances and local gestures.

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