Embracing technology

Last night my daughter looked at me like I’m a dinosaur, “you really don’t know what Deliveroo is? You don’t use snapchat?” I thought she was speaking foreign language but you know what, I realised that I was the one that wasn’t up with the technology and got a wake up call from my 12 year old daughter.

For so many people the thought of using new technology can be dreadful. I have to admit sometimes I do feel the same but I do like to learn new skills and explore new technologies. Every new skill is additional to your tool set and your growth.

Recently, as a tribute to my daughter, I started to explore new ways to support our very busy lives and I discovered a new world of easy to use apps that can improve our lifestyle.

The next few days, I was encouraged by my daughter’s words to try some of those apps and report back and that is exactly what I did. In one night I used 3 new different applications:

1. Uber Eats to order our yummy dinner.
2. Shebah to pick up my kids after school.
3. Snapchat for a funny photos with my daughter

Through my discovery phase, I noticed that it was evidence that the major differences between kids that are fluent using technology and us adults is very simple, kids today have no fear of trying new technology and for them it seems a natural thing to continuously explore.

What I have also learnt from this experience is that it is ok to feel uncomfortable at the beginning as you step outside your comfort zone but we are moving rapidly towards embracing new technologies in all aspects of life and I encourage you to start exploring. Are you on board?

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