Innovation comes from everywhere

Today I was inspired by my son’s simple and innovative solution for completing his daily tasks. Usually on Monday’s both of my kids arrives home prior to my husband and I. The kids know that before they can play electronic games they are required to complete their daily tasks that includes setting up the table for dinner, empty the dishwasher and completing their homework.

My son is nine years old and like any other typical boy at his age, he loves to play electronic games. As part of his daily homework he is required to read out loud to an adult a few paragraphs in Hebrew and get it signed by either my husband or I. As he knew that we will be late, he decided to video record himself reading his homework and when my husband arrived home he requested him to watch the video and sign the form as an evidence that he watched him reading the article.

This simple innovative solution demonstrates how kids can encourage us to think differently and come up with new ideas that might seems obvious.

Innovation can come from everywhere and we should be encouraged to continually develop and generate new innovative ideas and solutions to enhance future growth opportunities without being afraid of making a mistake or simply fail because from failures we learn and grow.

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