Overcome the fears & the art of not given up

When I was a little girl I had severe fear of heights. As a kid I was always trying to avoid anything to do with climbing something that it is more than few meters. Even with stairs I was straggling and I had to wait that my mum or dad will hold my hand and help me out.

When I was 16 my parents took me and my little brother to a few weeks trip around Europe. Knowing that one day we have planned to go to the Swiss mountains I started to develop anxiety attacks. In my head I started to think what will happen to me when we get to the top of the mountain. All the way up to the top on the train I was worried. When we reached to the top of the Jungfrau mountain all I could remember was the glass floor that made me dizzy and I could not enjoy the view or the experience.

Years later I discovered that I suffered from Vertigo and that feeling that I had at the top of the mountain like someone pulled the carpet underneath my legs suddenly made sense.

Few years later, I was travelling to New Zealand with my partner and we arrived to Queenstown. In New Zealand we stayed in a beautiful place which we discovered that the owner was a bungee jumping champion and he jumped more than 500 times. With this in mind and the memories of the vertigo I had experienced as a kid I was determined to overcome my fears.

The journey to the bungee bridge was very rough and when we got there I felt unsure about the whole thing. After I saw that few people went ahead of me I decided to give it a go. After the instructor was counting few times I finally jumped. Although it was scary I overcome my fear and this day was a benchmark for me to ensure I never let my fears over cloud my judgement.

The decision to jump assist me with becoming more resilience and not let the fears lead the way. This experience applies to everything that I do today in all aspects of life.

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