Pay it forward

On Saturday, my daughter was invited to a party and as usual I was her taxi driver. On the way there I received a message from an ex-colleague and I requested my daughter to read it for me.

She asked what it’s all about as she didn’t understand the underlying of the message. I explained her that this person send through a thank you for something that I recently have done for them and that I’m a strong believer in karma and if you are nice to people, good things will come your way and vice versa.

After I dropped her off, I was seating in the car and reading the kind note from my friend and was writing my reply when suddenly someone knocked on the window. At first, I got a bit frightened but when I looked up, I saw a very kind old man that wanted to know if I’m waiting for someone because him and his wife were trying to find parking for a while with no success.

My first response was to ensure the man was safe and I requested that he will move away from the road to the nearby pedestrian pathway, as always- safety first. The man was amused, and replied that at his age he is sure that nothing will happen but he took my advice and waited to his wife on the pathway.

Once his wife was completing the U-turn, I moved slightly to ensure she can enter the parking spot. When she finally reached out of the car, I reiterated the important of safety and said that she and her husband need to be careful at night on the road. The nice lady replied with a big thank you for my gesture and told me that because of this act of kindness good things will come my way.

Sometimes we are doing something without even understanding the impact of our act on people around us. A small gesture can have a huge impact on someone’s life, therefore be kind and pay it forward, no doubts that the universe will bring joy and happiness your way.

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