Random act of kindness

Today is the Jewish new year, one of the most important celebrations in the Jewish tradition.

This holiday is about celebrating the new year with family and friends and start the year with positive wishes for the year to come. Our family moved to Melbourne many years ago and always this holiday close to my heart as it is all about celebrating with your love ones. Therefore, I decided to celebrate in my home and invite my closest friends and family over.

This morning I went to buy the final few last items that I needed for tonight. As you can imagine, the supermarket was filled with people like me that only came to buy the last thing for their special dinner tonight.

As I was searching through the isles, one lovely lady approached me and asked if I have come across cranberries. As it was just next to me, I passed on a pack and she was very happy and grateful.

After good 45 min, I had everything I needed and I was making my way through to the registers. At that moment, the same lovely lady named Louise, said that she has something to give me when I finish my payment. I wasn’t sure what she meant but she kept her word and waited for me at the entrance of the supermarket. She then said that she was prying to God to meet Jewish people as she was volunteering in a Jewish organisation called Tikkun Olam and she handed out a big hamper with lots of kosher goodies.

To be honest, I was surprised and grateful for this beautiful and unexpected random act of kindness. Sometimes it feels like God gives you signs and I truly believe that today was a sign that a new great year is ahead of us.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my family and friends all over the world Happy New Year and Gmar Chatimah Tova.

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    Simply beautiful! And how lucky that Louise met such a gorgeous girl as you

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