The art of Storytelling, learnings from Gary V.

Earlier in the week, I attended a full day conference with different motivational speakers. Nearly all of them had something in common, which was their desire to sell something to the audience. The last speaker was the reason I attended the day to begin with, I came to hear from Gary Vaynerchuk and he made the day a worth coming for.

Gary is a fantastic storyteller, and he was humble in the way he approached this. He was not trying to impose or selling anything, he came to share insights about his learnings and to create ROI for his audience.

Gary spoke about different things, some of his insights resonate with me and these are the ten key take outs of the day:

1. Create content – stop thinking about what other people think and follow your passion. There is no right or wrong when it comes to creating content as long as it is authentic and not imposed. It is going to be challenging to execute but you have to start otherwise you become irrelevant.

2. Figure out what type of communicator are you and how you want to communicate, it can be written, videos, podcasts or any other way of communicating that you feel comfortable with. Make sure that you diversify with different platforms and use different content for your audience that relevant to them. (LinkedIn, Tictoc, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat)
He also suggested that you find yourself a wizard, someone who knows you and can assist with your ways of communicating. (Gary has DRock that goes with him to everywhere and captures all on camera).

3. Create your own brand as it is the only thing that will stay. People looking for perfection due to their insecurity. It is hard to be a Zebra when you are a penguin.

4. Social media – created great opportunity to test and learn in a more secure and selfishness eco system. Social media expose us, as the majority hate to be accountable. The power of utilising the social media to engage with your audience in a low-cost environment, when people reply you communicate and create your community.

5. To become entrepreneur, it is a hard work and you will need to constantly invest in it (time, money etc) so if you are not in it for the long term and willing to put the hard yards then you limit your success rate.

6. Stop demonised technology or mobile applications, embrace the evolution of technology. Most people are concerned about kids’ exposure to the different platforms, limitation of digital will limit your kids in the future therefore use the good of screen time (watch, listen and learn what they do). Embrace automation as it is eliminating the waste and creates more efficiencies in your organisation. Business will operate with a mix of people and technology.

7. Testing and learning – there is always the debate about quantity vs. quality. The more you communicate and create content, the better you become at it. Move on quickly and have super-fast decisions, don’t beat yourself if something didn’t work.

8. Love what you do and find your passion, don’t pursue a career that you think it will make you successful or this is what everyone around you expect you to be. Just be you and believe in yourself.

9. ROI – if you want people to engage with your content think about what value do you bring through the content. Make sure that your care about the community that you operate within.

10. Humility to feed creativity – be modest and genuine about it and don’t let the fear of being judged stop you. Just cut the negativity and keep going.

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