The Chinese Bamboo – Learn to be patient

In one of the conversations with my husband I told him that now that I’m getting closer to my 40th birthday I truly feel that this is the time for me to shine. My husband shared with me the story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree and identified the resemble of the bamboo parable to my journey.

It was fascinating to learn how this amazing plant is growing and the story behind it. In the first 4 years of a Bamboo plant you will not be able to see anything on the surface. In the 4 years you will need to do the same thing every day: water the plant, fertilise and nurture it without any evidence of your hard work.

In this time , you are setting the foundations but you won’t receive any rewards, this is the time where the plant grow its roots and become stronger. In the fifth year, you finally see a small bamboo sprig, then the next day an even bigger one and within 5 weeks it will grow up to an amazing height of 27 meters.

At the age of forty I’m starting to realise that the last ten years have been the foundation of establishing my career path and the direction I would like to pursue. Life long goals are not about racing to the finish line. It’s about learning new skills and meet new people who I can learn from every day. At this point of my life I truly looking forward to continuously building my skills set and gain knowledge to be able to take on new challenges and reach my true potential.

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    Love this anomaly Adar and agree that the strength and commitment behind staying the path when things don’t seem to be growing the right way or when hard evidence is lacking is the secret to success and fulfilment. You are definitely a personification of this parable. Great insights as always

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