Things I have learnt in “Life”

Last week I was fortunate to join my hubby’s company conference and experience first hand what those conferences are all about. At this event I met people from all over the world and the atmosphere was electrifying.

Firstly I was so excited for the opportunity to see some old friends and also made some new ones. Throughout the few days of the conference, there were plenty of sessions about leadership, planning and focus.

There were 10 key points that I have taken from the last few days that can be applied to everything in life:

1. Be all in – if you choose to participate make sure you are committed and willing to do what it takes to make it work.
2. Create your own play book – no one knows you better than you, therefore creating something that going to lift you up when you are having not so great of a day is super important.
3. Circle of influence – we all know those people that can either inspire and motivate you or the ones that can suck out all of your energy. Make sure that you remove the negativity out of your life.
4. Make a better choice – we all have the liberty to make decisions, make sure you take the right ones.
5. Think big – don’t limit yourself, think big and don’t let anyone else burst your bubble.
6. Plug in – stay connected to the system otherwise you will miss out. If you want to succeed you need to be on top of your game.
7. Don’t fear from temporary defeat – life is not a sprint, if you in for the long run you will have some obstacles that you will need to overcome.
8. Unleash your potential- be the best version of you, and don’t compromise for mediocre.
9. Raise the bar – increase the level of standard and expectations and keep yourself accountable – no one else will do it for you.
10. Rewards and recognition – the final night, was a true celebration of individuals achievements. We all want to be part of success and feel appreciated. By providing rewards and recognition everyone feels valued.

To summarised, this event provided valuable tools that can be used in any aspect of your life, so what are you waiting for?


  1. S

    It was so great to share this event with you Adar! You were the added bonus and I hope you liked us in our natural environment. It was the best national conference I have been to – organic and heartfelt, authentic and motivational, vision building and visionary. I feel so proud that you shared the event with us. Thank you for throwing your considerable energy and excitement behind the event, and for being such an important member of our family.

  2. P

    Thank you Adar for your beautiful friendship. It was amazing for me feeling blessed to be a part of the international community love by many as I learned from amazing Shannean we are piece of Dominoe we can spread out or we stick together and joining the force we will make movement rise together. Xx

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