A ripple overtime become a wave

Sometimes we underestimate the power we have as individuals. In large organisations the individual sometimes feels like another cog in a well oiled machine and tend to forget how the contribution of one person can create a ripple effect over time.

It all starts with an idea that can change the way we deliver today. As a team we started to discuss and develop the idea among ourselves and increased the cycle of people who share the same vision of creating a change.

It started with one drop, which created a ripple. It took months to engage internal and external stakeholders but we kept on going. We knew we have a good idea and we had a clear direction on how to get there but needed everyone’s support.

The road to success is a long journey and required determination, persistence and self-belief. As long as the direction was clear and we knew that we heading to the same way we knew we are going to get there, everyone on their own pace.

Overtime that little drop become a wave when more people joined to make it happen. From a single seed it grew to become a reality.

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