About me

My name is Adar and I am a mum, wife and a career driven individual. In this particular order.

Ten years ago we moved to Australia with not much but our beautiful baby girl. As a migrate, you look at things differently and you are constantly in a survival mode from the minute you have landed. Moving with a young family left us with no choice but to act quickly to find our feet.

Moving into a new country with a different language was very scary and we weren’t sure how we going to fit in. Looking backwards to my childhood, I was the type of kid that heard every time that I’m very smart with plenty unfulfilled potential and I will not be able to get anywhere in life. With this in mind, it caused doubts about what’s the future holds and how I will be able to succeed.

Knowing that I will need to prove myself and integrate into the country, I have started to seek for my first job. Afraid of the mistakes in the grammar and verbal communication I came to a realisation that hard work is required to overcome the fears and it is not going to be easy.

For many years (still to this date) I was scared to check why I was struggling. During the 3 years of studying in University I have noticed that I have studies difficulties and that I’m probably dyslectic. This was immersing revealing and I have tried to hide this in any possible way. To this date I’m checking everything that I’m writing a few times and for this blog I have had the assistance of friends and family as proof readers to ensure I won’t be embarrassed again.

The more I’m thinking about this the more I’m finding it hard to believe that even in my age I still feel uncomfortable to accept that this is who I am.

The journey to self-acceptance is a continuous battle with ups & downs but with persistence and hard-work I have no doubt that I will get there.

I hope you will enjoy reading this blog and that you will feel a sense of belonging and motivation.
Feel free to drop me an email if you have any question or if you just want to say hi.

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