Being busy is not an excuse

In the last few months I was really busy. Between work and personal commitments I was trying to find the right balance to manage it all. Sometimes in life some things takes priority over other things and it seemed like a constant run.

In today’s environment being busy is a given and it is how you manage your time to fit it all. One of the things I have neglected in the last few months is my writing habit. At the beginning I was telling myself that I’m just busy and I will get back to it when I get the time. Then days turned into weeks who turned into months.

Recently I was thinking about the things I am passionate about and what I love to do. Writing was at the top of my list, which made me realised, that even when I am busy I should always allocate the time for the things I love to do or makes me feel happier.

I also learnt that it is not too late to go back and pick up from where I have left it. The more time went by, I was too concerned about going back into it. What I found is that I might be a bit rusty to start with, but I’m sure I will pick up and get back into my routine. As I was once told, practice brings perfection.

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  1. Great bit of advice, you are right, we are all busy. The internet of all things has changed the way we work, and the expectations of us all

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