Don’t poke the bear

Many times in life we tend to walk on egg shells around people who surround us just to avoid confrontations or to navigate around tough conversations. Recently I was involved in a project which included multiple stakeholders from different areas of the business which had different desires, expectations and priorities.

At the beginning each of the individuals that were involved were trying to promote their own agenda without the understanding of the surrounding needs. After few sessions we identified that we needed to re-evaluate and explore different options to resolve the challenges that we all have agreed on. One of the main stakeholders was required to step in to ensure we are heading towards the right direction.

As a results the project team was able to meet the project milestones as per the initial critical path. Sometimes the right thing to do is poke the bear to ensure we are moving towards the right direction and that everyone involved is on the same page.

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    I always believe in poking the bear – people are afraid of confrontation but it is purely conversation on a passionate and all holds barred level and if thats what it takes to resolve issues sometimes it is the only option. Because you have a confrontation it doesn’t mean that you dislike someone, it means you have a difference of opinion and opinion is a different foundation based of a different interpretation of the facts – how else can things be resolved except for the stating of differences. What often interferes is ego and an unpreparedness to look at facts from a different angle.

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