Find your purpose

It is hard to choose our own path as life takes you to different directions. Sometimes we are lucky and able to dream big and pursue our dreams.

A few years ago I believed I was able to find mine. Someone believed in me and gave me the great gift of mentoring. At that time I was under enormous amount of pressure with no time to stop and reflect.
Through the mentoring program, I have discovered things about myself and have started to plan my action plan.

With BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals), I have decided that I want to become a Leader. One that can influence others and lead the way with integrity. Create a change for girls like my daughter and prove her that anything is achievable. At this point in time I found my purpose, to inspire others to be reaching their goals. To become a living proof that when you set your mind to something with hard work it can be done.

Today I’m extremely proud of my kids, when they repeat my mantra:
Dream, Believe, Work Hard and Achieve.

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