2020 started with a huge impact on the life of all Australians. We have witnessed an amazing solidarity when the nation went through the devastating bushfires that impacted so many. 

Covid 19 crisis brings new type of challenge with a lot of unknowns and overload of different information that creates more questions than answers these days. There is no doubt that now is the time to stick together. Each country across the globe is facing similar challenges that causing huge impact on our current and future lives.

Although some will say that this brings negativity to our everyday lives, there is always a positive side, and it is up to us the individuals and as a society to choose in which way we view the world. Do we choose to look at the glass half empty or half full? 

One of the opportunities that presented due to Covid 19, is the ability to test in real time and on a mass scale the new ways of working. With the new workplace environment from home and the readiness for the weeks/months ahead a lot of us transformed their homes to an official office and were introduced to various technologies that assist us stay connected (WhatsApp, webex, zoom, skype, teams, slack to name a few). 

Another challenge that working from home created is the new co-workers you work with (hubby and kids) and how to manage the space to suit us all. To keep us all in shape (physically and mentally), we created a weekly planner to keep the routine as much as possible.

Readjustment is the name of the game as these new ways of working becoming the new norm. Now is the time to be innovative and think about creative ways to stay tuned. What do you do to keep you going and ensure that we stay ahead of the curve?

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