it’s ain’t over til it’s over

So many times in life we tend to give up midway through. Today I was inspired by a group of amazing and determined 10 years old girls. My daughter’s netball team, The Pearls had a tough game and they were fighting for their (competitive) lives.

The Pearls started the first quarter strong and were in the lead. By the second quarter the other team wanted badly to go through to finals and they have matched the score.

On the third quarter, our girls almost gave up as the other team took the lead. Then at the last quarter our girls knew they will need to bring their A game if they desire to go through to finals.

When they got back to the court they knew what’s on stake and they were determined to win the battle. It was a nerve-raking game till the buzzer went off. The Pearls won leading with 2 points.

Lesson learnt, don’t ever give up cause you can always reverse the final score!

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