Just do it

So many times in life we heard the phrase, do the right thing even when no one is watching. This expression was resonated with me and I was thinking about what it means to me.

A few days ago, I started my routine in the morning and got into the car and was on my way to work. When I was few metres away from a very busy intersection I noticed that most of the cars in front of me started to shift towards the left lane. Few more metres forward, it was clear what was the reason for the shift. On the right lane there was a very big branch that fell on the road.

Same as everyone else, I signalled to the left and overtook this obstacle. When I have done this, I thought about what is the right thing to do. Is it to keep on going and continue with my busy day or should I do something to help others. In a split of a second decision, I decided to pullover and drag the branch into the side walk to ensure the safety of the people that were behind me and maybe couldn’t see this object on the road.

Sometimes those little things we just do makes an impact on someone else’s life. Sometimes it is just making us feel great about doing something for the greater good.

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