Leap of faith

Two years ago, I was challenged to stand up to my fears and to have the courage to not let it hold me back. Exactly two years ago I decided to start writing and share my vulnerability with the world.

At the beginning I was really scared, what if it will make me look silly? What if they will find out the truth about me? One thing I knew for sure was that I did not want to live my life with “what if” and the feeling that I have missed out because I wasn’t willing to confront my own fears.

In retrospect, I can understand why I had these obstacles that prevented me from doing something that I learnt to love. I was concerned about how I would be perceived in other people’s eyes and how they might see me. Its turned out that I was completely wrong and that the exact opposite happened.

Today, at my 50th post, I can truly say it was liberating to overcome my own demons and to open-up and share my views with the world. Through this journey I learnt that some things that I shared resonated with many people and for some it motivated them to be who they are and to overcome their own fears.

I always believed that we all here for a reason and that we have a purpose in life although I’m still on a journey to keep on evolving and growing as an individual, it is great to have this sense of direction and work towards personal goals and keep doing the things I’m passionate about.

This is a great opportunity to say thank you for each and everyone of you that have commented, sent me a message or just had a quick corridor conversation that kept me going and continuing my writing journal. You know who you are.

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