Lessons about work ethics

In the last few years, our family friend was working on developing his new business venture. Most of his time and efforts were vasted in the product development.

When the day of receiving the first batch of the newly designed packaging finally arrived he discovered that there was a defect. This was extremely disappointing but he decided to fix it as soon as possible. To be able to send it back to the manufacturer, the packaging was to be removed. He started to open the boxes and prepare the product to be repackaged. This was a major task and he recruited anyone that was willing to assist.

He offered his kids and my kids a $50 per box (each box contained 1000 units). At first, my kids were so happy with the opportunity to earn money and they requested him to drop off 2 boxes. Initially they thought, that this will be a easy way to earn pocket money without too much effort. Very quickly they discovered that this wasn’t a easy task and it took a lot of time and energy to complete so they just gave up and complained that it is too hard and they don’t want to keep on doing this.

This was a great opportunity to teach them a few lessons about work ethics as I wasn’t willing to let them give up so easily. These are some of the things they have learnt from this experience:

1. Commitment – as they gave their word to our friend that they will complete two boxes they have committed to this work. In life there is no such thing as half way or half committed, it’s either you are in it or you’re not.
2. Value for money – there is no such thing as easy money. To be able to earn money you need to actually work. To break a myth, there is no such thing as easy money.
3. Teamwork – initially when they started they worked in isolation as they thought it will be beneficial to them. Very quickly they discovered that when they work as a team they were able to achieve more and progress with the unpacking.
4. Find a technique – there are so many ways to skin a cat…it is important to find the most effective and lean way to complete your tasks. The kids divided the tasks between them a created a small production line with a clear understanding of who is doing what.
5. Quality Assurance – midway through the first box, we have noticed that they have misplaced one of the packing in the wrong place. We (team kids and I) decided to conduct a QA process to ensure we haven’t missed anything in the process. This meant that we went through everything we have done to ensure it is all done in the correct manner.
7. Have fun- in everything we do we need to ensure we have fun along the way. While having fun delivering tasks, we become more productive and able to achieve more. For us it was music that made it a lot more enjoyable.

Everyday we learn something new, the question is what we have done with this.

Thank you Moshik Grushka @ https://scoringright.com

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