My boy, who taught me resilience

In life we are facing so many tough conversations which contributes towards making us more resilient. It starts in an early age where you go to school and receive tools to help you become more resilient.

The same tools apply at later stage in life including at the work place.

Last night I was facing a tough conversation with my little boy and I was genuinely concerned about how to approach this and deliver the message.

My boy lives and breathes soccer and from the minute he wakes up until he goes to sleep he talks about it. For him it’s a way of living and he puts the hard work into this and practice 4 times a week on top of practising everyday at school. It is his passion and he desired to fulfil his dreams.

When his soccer club announced that there will be trials for the next cup he was extremely excited and was looking forward to be a part. After two weeks of trials and a very long weekend we received the message that he was unsuccessful.

My husband and I wasn’t sure how to break these news to him as we we knew how important it was for him. The next day, we sat down and delivered the news, as is without sugar-coated the message. We were open and honest and advised him that this time around there were other kinds that were better than him and that he won’t be a part of this soccer cup.

His response supprised us, he told us that he was extremely disappointed with the results but that he went to the trials and tried his best and although he is not happy about the outcome he will work harder to make it next time.

The lesson I learnt from my son was that even the toughest message, when delivered in a right manner it can be received well and that it doesn’t matter if you failed or were unsuccessful, you learn from it and try harder.

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