My proudest moment

It is quite rare to have this sensation of mix emotions that vary from being extremely proud to deeply humbled.

In the last few weeks I was focused on the tasks that I needed to deliver which affected my main focus, my amazing kids, and no I’m not a biased.  After an extremely busy week overseas, I finally got back home to find an amazing surprise from my dearest daughter.

As a rule, every time I travel I make sure that at least once a day I get to see or speak with my family. Throughout the week, my gorgeous daughter said that she has a surprise for me, and what a wonderful surprise it was.

When I arrived home, she gave me a wrapped gift with a 3 page document. The document heading was: “50 things I love about my mum”. When I unwrapped the package I found 9 little gifts that had been chosen carefully. From coupons she made to a little bag with M&M chill pills.

The most amazing thing was to read the things she wrote and the way she described me through her lenses.

This made my day and I was touched. I truly believe that it is the nicest thing that anyone has ever done for me. When I told this to my daughter she replied that it made her day too.

Everyday I am grateful for my amazing family and it has always been and always will be my rock and the reason to do everything I do.

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