My role model

Often I’m asked who is my role model and if I can name a few people that influenced me and shaped my leadership style.

From a very young age, I was raised to stand up for myself and for the things I believe in and have developed a strong personality. Growing with four other siblings and being no. 4 was a great lesson about becoming resilient and determined.

For many years I was asking myself where those attributes came from and the deeper I dug into my soul I noticed that there were some similarities to my Grandma. This amazing woman that wasn’t a career driven person had an amazing story to tell and was one of the most unique people I have ever met. She taught me some of the most valuable lessons in life.

From her I have learnt to respect others and respect myself. She had strong ethics that belongs to another generation with incredible manners.

Her modesty and simplicity was remarkable and sometimes I wish I will be half as good as her.

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