Proud to be persistence

So many times in life we tend to give up midway through when things go wrong or not the way we have planned.

Forming a plan is the first step towards achieving your goals. The plan should be simple and concise with clear direction and measurable goals to keep you accountable.

Last year we were challenged with a new budget that seems unlikely to be achieved. At the beginning, most of the team was sceptical about our chance of reaching the new goals. We then sat down and start forming our plan of attack.

We map who are the key stakeholders that we will need their support and have created a critical path with key milestones, responsibilities and potential risks. Once the planning stage was completed we started to develop our communication strategies to ensure that all teams are on board.

At the start, it was difficult to bring everyone together and get them to see the bigger picture and understand the potential for each department. We experienced some high and low and witnessed a slow progress with many obstacles thrown upon us which we not always knew how to overcome. The one thing that kept us going is the belief in the vision and the desire to create a meaningful change for the future.

By being persistent and not given up midway through we not only achieved our budgetary goals we were able to assist multiple teams to achieve theirs with a cross functional true collaboration.

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