The Unfulfilled Potential & the power of believing in yourself (even when you are the only one)

Since I was a little girl I have heard the dreadful words: “you have unfulfilled potential”.

Over the years I have tried to understand the meaning of it all and how this impacted my life. In school I was wondering and sailing into my imagination, because of that I wasn’t fitting into the pattern and was diagnosed by the school councillor as the girl with the unfulfilled potential. What they meant was that I won’t be able to reach anywhere in life if I will proceed with this type of behaviour.

In the following years this behavioural diagnosis stuck with me and I started to believe in it and doubted my own potential and ability to succeed. After years of believing in what I was told in school, I was finally (at the age 37) decided to go to university to confront with my fears and recently completed an MBA degree.

During the years of studies I have had a lot of doubts with myself and didn’t think that I will see the finish line. I had so many obstacles that I had to overcome. In one of the numerical subjects I was really struggling and requested the assistance of the Professor. He then lectured me about my lack of knowledge and told me that I don’t have what it takes to be an executive leader. He drowned a diagram, to demonstrate me my position which was off the scale and where I will never be able to reach. You see, it is not only when you are a kid. These things can happen anywhere, at school, at work and at the university. You will always have people that will try to pull you down. Never doubt your capabilities and always believe in yourself.

When I was graduated eventually and reflected on the journey, I learnt a lot from this experience, especially about myself. It was the first time I learnt that I have studies difficulties which explains the struggles I have had in school. (back then there was less awareness about these issues). The MBA was a prove for myself that I can make it if I set my mind to it.

I have also learnt about the power of believing in yourself even when you are the only one and become more resilience and knowledgeable. I still have a long way to go, but I take it every day as it comes and learning about myself and about the power of words.

Self-believe is an important key for success, no matter what other people say. Thinking about that little girl that instead of hearing negative comments should of receive positive reinforcement and be told You have a great potential and your going to fulfilled your potential , maybe than I would be believing in this instead of constantly questioning.

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