Think on your feet

Monday mornings are usually very busy as it is the start of the week and everyone is planning for the week to come with plenty of back to back meetings. This Monday was an unusual day as I was planning to be in the office for a short period of time and head to the airport to catch a flight.

In between my arrival and my departure from the office I had a meeting scheduled that could not be moved. As every morning, I always ensure that I get my priorities right and therefore started my day with a large coffee.

Prior to the meeting, I have checked that everything is going according to the scheduled plan and that I have everything that I need. To my surprise I found out that I was expected to travel lightly and only bring a carry-on luggage. Without getting into panic mode, I started thinking who can assist with this situation as my luggage was more than a carry on allowance.

Luckily I was able to find a small trolley that fitted all my belongings. Without any hesitation I unpacked and packed again in less than 10 minutes.

In these types of situations you need to think on your feet and stay calm. By doing so you will be able to analyse the situation and get this resolved in no time. As a rule of thumb, it never hurts to know the right people that can give you the support you need.

In case you were wondering, I managed to leave on time and to be ahead of time for my flight. Thanks for the assistance of some really helpful people.

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