When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

In the past few days I came to a realisation that we all have a story to tell. Some had a good run and some were less fortunate but it is up to you if you look at the half glass empty or full. “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is a phrase used to encourage and to demonstrate a positive can-do attitude, no matter which situation you into. It is about transformation from sourness or difficulty in life, to a sweet lemonade.

On Friday I was with the Seacret Direct team which demonstrated teamwork, passion, support and much more by turning the situation around. Our flight had a delay of 6 hours and we were given a few options, we all chose to stay together. No one complained, instead we challenged ourselves to introduce the Seacret products to as many people as possible. The team opened a pop up Spa in the middle of the airport! The outcome was a long line of people standing in a queue for having a facial treatment. In a nutshell, don’t accept the situation as is, always try to turn it around. The outcome will surprise you.

This video always encourages me to be out there, learning about how to create a movement, which starts with a courageous leader and supported by the first follower. The leadership lesson from a dancing guy:

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