Yes we can

At my recent visit to India I had the privilege to be invited to a business celebration at the hotel I was staying in. How I ended up being invited to this event is a funny story…

The duration of the visit was over two weeks, and I was staying in the same hotel as who? Over the two weeks, I had the opportunity to meet and talk to so many hotel staff members across all functions of the business. Every person I met had a story to tell.

On one of the nights a few staff members told me about the business event and suggested that I should attend. On the day of the event, the GM of the hotel invited me formally and I gladly accepted the invitation. When I arrived at venue, the Hotel GM waited for me and marched me straight to the judging panel and without any preparation, I was sitting at the table as part of the panel that decided which team wins the first place.

The hotel staff members were competing in a local dancing competition and each department created their own original dance routine. The measuring criteria was on originality, coordination, synchronise, costumes etc.

One of the teams chose a topic that is very close to my heart, Women empowerment. They presented it in such a manner that left tears in my eyes without even understanding the song’s lyrics. Through the dance they describe the difficulties of a young girl grounded in this environment with a very clear message at the end: “Yes we can”. We can be whoever we choose to be and fulfil our dreams.

In this visit I have heard it more than once, how hard it is to be a female in this environment. I couldn’t stop thinking how lucky we are that diversity is at the front-forward of our leaders’ mind and how important it is that everyone gets a fair go no matter their gender, race, age or background.

Back to the hotel business event, at the end of the winning routine they emphases how lucky and privilege they feel to work for a leader (GM) that surrounded himself with 50% of his leadership team with strong women.

After the event, I had a chance to speak to the GM and I told him that he should be extremely proud of himself and his team. Seeing the way that the team talks about him through their eyes was a great opportunity to learn from a great humble leader.

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